Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Gift Guide

Here are my top gift picks for every woman on your list! I chose items ranging from $10 to $33, some one-of-a-kind vintage and some handmade. Don't know what size to get her? Go with a long necklace, adjustable necklace or earrings! Just click the photo to view prices.

Vintage necklaces, earrings, brooches + handmade necklaces, leather rings, bracelets / by nutmegan on Etsy
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY or buy: wrapped paracord necklace

This is an experiment. I'm giving you an option: DIY or buy. You may look through this tutorial and decide "Yeah! I could totally make that!" Give it a shot! Put your spin on it! (And share your results in the comments!)

Or, you may scroll through and think "Wow, this nutmegan gal is a total jewelry genius, and I could never make a necklace quite as beautifully as she can!" (Aww, thanks.) And then, you can just buy the one I made here!

DIY wrapped paracord necklace tutorial

Four different colors of embroidery thread
Approx 32 inches black paracord
Two jump rings
One lobster clasp
Six inches 20 gauge wire
Super glue
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters (not pictured)
Lighter or matches (not pictured)

DIY upcycled paracord necklace materials

For the paracord part, I used one of these suckers I had lying around the house:

DIY lanyard necklace
DIY lanyard upcycle necklace
Melt paracord necklace ends

Fold your 32 inch length of paracord in half and melt the open ends so they don't fray. Leave the other end folded until the end. This helps keep the cord steady while you wrap.

Melt paracord ends
DIY paracord wrapped necklace tutorial

Time to begin wrapping! Place a small dot of supper glue on one side of your necklace. Attach the end of your first color of floss to the dot of glue. Use your fingernails or a tool to hold it in place for a few seconds. Just a dot! (If you use too much glue, it may seep through and glue your tool to the thread.) Then, you just wrap, wrap, wrap until you have the block of color you want. Secure the other end of thread with a dot of glue.

Back side of DIY paracord wrapped necklace

Repeat this process using different colors. Make sure you always put the dot of glue on the same side. This will be the back of your necklace.

Making a DIY paracord necklace
Finishing a DIY paracord necklace

Once your pattern is complete, secure the ends of the paracord by wrapping with wire.

Wire wrapped end cap

Cut a three-inch length of wire. Wrap the wire twice around the paracord, using pliers to clamp it a bit to tighten and flatten. Then, make a loop with one end of the wire. This is where your jump ring will attach to the necklace. Finally, snip the folded end of the paracord and melt it, like you did with the other side.

Ta-da! The finished product. DIY or buy!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coffee and Doughnuts, Florida Style

My jewelry makes only a fleeting appearance in this post, but I had the most delicious weekend, and I just wanted to share it with you all.

The Mr and I were invited to a cozy celebration and sampling of all things local. Cole brewed the Panther Coffee with an expert hand. (We're talking digital scale and everything!) Michelle staged the beautiful cups and delicious Dandee Donuts. And Shane captured these lovely images. Moi? I ate! (I'm pretty much a professional.)

Brewing Coffee in a Chemex

Brewing Panther Coffee in a Chemex

Pouring home brewed local coffee (from Panther Coffee)

Local Fort Lauderdale Dandee Donuts

Dandee Donuts and Panther Coffee
And here's that professional doughnut eating action I promised you. (Watch how I sneak in a shot of my knot ring...)

Eating a doughnut with my leather knot ring

Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY Jeweled Collar

Guys, I have made a great fashion discovery. And it was entirely accidental...

Multicolored jeweled hairclips worn on chambray shirt as collar jewelry

Picture it, Florida, December 2013.* I have just brushed my teeth, and I am laying out my clothes for work the next day. I clip my earrings onto my shirt so I won't forget them in the morning. (I am not a morning person. I've been known to walk out the door missing essential accessories  glasses, belt...) I glance at the shirt, and I gasp. (You see where I'm going with this, don't you? Yeah, that first picture kind of ruined the suspense...and the title.) Yes, friends, I had accidentally given my plain chambray shirt a fabulous jeweled collar!

And now, I will share my secrets with you.

Step one: acquire a collared shirt.

Chambray shirt with buttoned up collar
Step two: Acquire some sparkly earnings and/or hair clips.

Sparkly statement earrings and hair clips
Step three: Combine!

Golden floral gemstone earrings as DIY jeweled collar
Black gem and gold hair clip as collar brooch
Vintage rhinestone statement earrings as collar clips / jeweled collar
The possibilities are endless! Cheapo hair clips? Yes. Modern post earrings? Yes. Priceless vintage clip-on earrings? Yes! Yes! Yes! There are no limits! The excitement is making me dizzy!

Image 1: H & M hair clips (a few years ago)
Image 2: Old Navy chambray shirt (current)
Image 3: My earrings and hair clips
Image 4: JCPenney post earrings (a few years ago)
Image 5: Banana Republic hair clip (a few years ago)
Image 6: Vintage screw back earrings
Image 7: Banana Republic post earrings (fall 2013, sold out online)
Image 8: Image 1 again, because it's freakin' fabulous.

* I watch a lot of Golden Girls.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Voilà! My latest Etsy treasury, "L'automne." A gift guide for the francophile...or for anyone who likes croissants...or for anyone who likes autumn. So, basically this covers everybody you know. You're welcome!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Long and Short of It

Long multicolor bead necklace handmade from recycled vintage beads
I've been playing around with my latest haul of vintage beads. You know, following my patented process of putting things together and tearing them apart until I decide I like it. Well, I like this one, a lot. I like it short, as sort of a collar length statement necklace:

Long or short bead statement necklace handmade from recycled vintage beads

And I really like it long too:

Long beaded necklace handmade from unique recycled vintage beads

The problem is that I don't have enough of these exact beads to make two necklaces. (What?! Tragic, I know.) But, ingenuity is born of conflict. (Ooh, is that a quote? Nope, googled it. It's all me.) So, I came up with an adjustable design that looks cool from the front and back, long or short.

Adjustable beaded necklace handmade from unique recycled vintage beads

I'll be field testing it for the next few days (such grueling work), but you can look forward to a slight variation of this necklace in the shop soon!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dream in Color

Leather knot bracelets, lilac leather bracelet, mint leather bracelet, dark green leather bracelet, handmade leather stacking bracelets on Etsy
Leather knot bracelets (here)
I have to say, I'm pretty freakin' excited about my newest creations. These bracelets were born of my own selfish need for the perfect balance between boho and minimalist, between rustic and elegant, between fun and classy. I know, I'm so demanding. And when I can't find it, I make it. Voila!

Mint green leather bracelet, mint bracelet, handmade leather wrap bracelet on Etsy

The color selection, too, is the product of my personal jewelry daydreams. A pale mint next to a kicky lilac, anchored by a deep emerald green. Oh! I'm in raptures.

I do want to add a few more color options though. Any suggestions?

Mint green leather bracelet, lavender leather bracelet and dark green leather bracelet, stacking bracelets on Etsy, colorful handmade leather bracelets

And, yes, there's more...

lavender leather ring, lilac purple stacking ring on Etsy, colorful handmade leather ring

The rings. Oh, the rings. I may wear them everyday. Today is a mint kind of day — I'm feeling subdued.

Dark emerald green leather ring, lilac purple stacking ring on Etsy, mint green leather wrap ring, colorful handmade leather rings from Etsy

But I have a feeling that, come Friday, I'll be edging toward the wild side...

Dark green stacking ring, light purple leather ring on Etsy, handmade mint leather ring, unique fun rings from Etsy
Leather knot rings (here)
So, what do you think? Single or stacked?