Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello, World!

Here we go! More than a year after I first started bragging to my friends that I was starting my own jewelry business, I'm actually doing it! The pieces are piling up, and there's just too much for one girl to wear!

I love refashioning vintage jewelry into new and wearable pieces, because then, not only are you wearing a gorgeous piece of handcrafted jewelry, but you're wearing a story. My grandmother's necklace from the 1970s deconstructed and refashioned into a gorgeous, modern pair of earrings. A flea market find reset and restrung. A childhood box of lanyards goes grown up with some gold chain and good craftsmanship.

It started with an inherited collection of vintage costume jewelry, and now I'm trolling yard sales and relatives' basements* looking for the diamond in the rough. Many of my pieces come with a story, which I will be featuring on this blog. There's just something about knowing where it came from that makes your "new" bracelet that much more special.

I'm heading over to Etsy now to list my first piece. Check back daily for new pieces and new stories! Thanks for stopping by.

*Yeah, that's a figure of speech. We don't have basements in Florida.

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