Thursday, June 20, 2013

Etsy Treasuries

Male and female deer with heart screen printed pillow Hand block printed Doe Deer ...
Green blue and orange children's seasons book collection Children's Book Collecti...
Three felted modern snowcapped mountains on Etsy Climb every mountain / mount...
Vintage Tupperware Bowls Har...
S'mores Kit with house-m...
Handmade modern embroidered orange fox in embroidery hoop Fox Cross Stitch Pattern PDF...
Rustic Log Jewelry Box Shape...
Set of three floral painted ...
Vintage 1956 Yahtzee Board G...
Florescent Magenta Geometric...
Adventure Travel Journal: Po...
Frozen Flight - Vintage Moun...
vintage 60s BRIGHT floral pi...
Jalapeno Apricot and Wildflo...
Colorful triangle stud earrings that look like mountains Custom Color Mini Mountains ...
The Mountains are Calling / ...

Guess who just discovered Etsy treasuries? Yeah, I'm a little excited. It's like curating your own little shop, and I find it strangely addicting. I think it's that whole Pinterest phenomenon (where you feel like you own something just because you saved a little picture of it).

Anyway, this treasury was inspired by my childhood summers in the mountains. You can see all the other things I fake-own here and here.

Including your own items in a treasury list is an Etsy no-no. The goal is to curate shops and build community, not advertise. However, I have learned that even while playing by the rules, Etsy treasuries can bring traffic to your shop. A few minutes after creating this collection, I noticed a significant increase in visits to my Etsy shop! Sweet!

*Note: I googled "fake-own" (for spelling purposesyeah, I know, not a real word), and this is what came up. I'm dying.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIY Seashell Earrings Tutorial

How to make dangle earrings from seashells and gold bead, very simple tutorial

What you'll need: 
two small gold beads (like these)
two kidney ear wires (like these)
two similar seashells with holes (landlocked?)

At some point in every Florida kid's life, you just have to cool it with the seashells. Summer after summer, jar after jar, eventually your parents' house starts to look like King Triton’s palace. Well, I've finally decided to do something with all the (mollusk) skeletons in my closet. It started with this pair of earrings, but it is slowly becoming a category of its own.

One benefit of having such a selection of shells at my disposal is the ease of finding two that match, or mostly match. (We all know “matching” is out anyway. They “go”— so much cooler.) If you are near a beach, it's actually pretty easy to find shells with holes already in them, but if you can't comb for your own shells, check out Etsy for a selection of craft-ready shells for sale.

Then, your only step is to string the shell and bead on the ear wire. Kidney wires are super easy, no pliers needed. Just open the earring and slide the shell on first, followed by the gold bead. Repeat. And done. Yay! A lovely new pair of sea shell dangle earrings!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Good Old 90s

Unique and simple handmade leather ring with peridot dangle charm

This ring used to be a psychedelic pair of rainbow earrings. They were about three inches long, silver and spirally, with these little teardrop beads hanging off every curve. Yep, it was the 90s. Those babies were a gift from my childhood best friend, and boy did I wear them! I was so cool. They may even have been my first pair of dangle earrings.

As I grew up, I regularly shoved them to the back of my jewelry box, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so, bada bing bada booma ring! I've kept one ring for myself, but there are five more available in this design, one in each color from the earrings. Find them at Nutmegan on Etsy. We'll be just like the Planeteers!

(Notice the poor quality on the above image? That's how TV looked in the 90s, kids! Ok, well, maybe not quite that bad, but that's how it looks when you pause a VHS and try to take a picture of it.)