Friday, June 7, 2013

Good Old 90s

Unique and simple handmade leather ring with peridot dangle charm

This ring used to be a psychedelic pair of rainbow earrings. They were about three inches long, silver and spirally, with these little teardrop beads hanging off every curve. Yep, it was the 90s. Those babies were a gift from my childhood best friend, and boy did I wear them! I was so cool. They may even have been my first pair of dangle earrings.

As I grew up, I regularly shoved them to the back of my jewelry box, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so, bada bing bada booma ring! I've kept one ring for myself, but there are five more available in this design, one in each color from the earrings. Find them at Nutmegan on Etsy. We'll be just like the Planeteers!

(Notice the poor quality on the above image? That's how TV looked in the 90s, kids! Ok, well, maybe not quite that bad, but that's how it looks when you pause a VHS and try to take a picture of it.)

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