Thursday, August 29, 2013

Simple DIY Earrings: A Nail Polish Upcycle

Paint plain arrow dangle earrings with neon nail polish for a new look
Dangley gold arrow earrings with neon paint at the times, a simple tutorial

I found these earrings on sale for .99 at Macy's! (Now, why someone decided to split up matching pairs of earrings into two separate packs, then place them on a shelf right next to each other, I have no idea.) Anyway, I've seen a few earring tutorials like this floating around Pinterest, and I wanted to give it a try. Super simple! Will it insult you if I give directions?

1. Find some cheap, awesome (but not yet totally awesome) earrings
2. Dab on a couple coats of your favorite neon nail polish. I did a top coat too, so it won't chip off.
3. Um, let dry?
4. Wear. Yay!

Maybe next week I'll tackle the rest of the pack. Those feathers would look cool with some glitter on 'em...

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