Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dream in Color

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Leather knot bracelets (here)
I have to say, I'm pretty freakin' excited about my newest creations. These bracelets were born of my own selfish need for the perfect balance between boho and minimalist, between rustic and elegant, between fun and classy. I know, I'm so demanding. And when I can't find it, I make it. Voila!

Mint green leather bracelet, mint bracelet, handmade leather wrap bracelet on Etsy

The color selection, too, is the product of my personal jewelry daydreams. A pale mint next to a kicky lilac, anchored by a deep emerald green. Oh! I'm in raptures.

I do want to add a few more color options though. Any suggestions?

Mint green leather bracelet, lavender leather bracelet and dark green leather bracelet, stacking bracelets on Etsy, colorful handmade leather bracelets

And, yes, there's more...

lavender leather ring, lilac purple stacking ring on Etsy, colorful handmade leather ring

The rings. Oh, the rings. I may wear them everyday. Today is a mint kind of day — I'm feeling subdued.

Dark emerald green leather ring, lilac purple stacking ring on Etsy, mint green leather wrap ring, colorful handmade leather rings from Etsy

But I have a feeling that, come Friday, I'll be edging toward the wild side...

Dark green stacking ring, light purple leather ring on Etsy, handmade mint leather ring, unique fun rings from Etsy
Leather knot rings (here)
So, what do you think? Single or stacked?

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