Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY or buy: wrapped paracord necklace

This is an experiment. I'm giving you an option: DIY or buy. You may look through this tutorial and decide "Yeah! I could totally make that!" Give it a shot! Put your spin on it! (And share your results in the comments!)

Or, you may scroll through and think "Wow, this nutmegan gal is a total jewelry genius, and I could never make a necklace quite as beautifully as she can!" (Aww, thanks.) And then, you can just buy the one I made here!

DIY wrapped paracord necklace tutorial

Four different colors of embroidery thread
Approx 32 inches black paracord
Two jump rings
One lobster clasp
Six inches 20 gauge wire
Super glue
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters (not pictured)
Lighter or matches (not pictured)

DIY upcycled paracord necklace materials

For the paracord part, I used one of these suckers I had lying around the house:

DIY lanyard necklace
DIY lanyard upcycle necklace
Melt paracord necklace ends

Fold your 32 inch length of paracord in half and melt the open ends so they don't fray. Leave the other end folded until the end. This helps keep the cord steady while you wrap.

Melt paracord ends
DIY paracord wrapped necklace tutorial

Time to begin wrapping! Place a small dot of supper glue on one side of your necklace. Attach the end of your first color of floss to the dot of glue. Use your fingernails or a tool to hold it in place for a few seconds. Just a dot! (If you use too much glue, it may seep through and glue your tool to the thread.) Then, you just wrap, wrap, wrap until you have the block of color you want. Secure the other end of thread with a dot of glue.

Back side of DIY paracord wrapped necklace

Repeat this process using different colors. Make sure you always put the dot of glue on the same side. This will be the back of your necklace.

Making a DIY paracord necklace
Finishing a DIY paracord necklace

Once your pattern is complete, secure the ends of the paracord by wrapping with wire.

Wire wrapped end cap

Cut a three-inch length of wire. Wrap the wire twice around the paracord, using pliers to clamp it a bit to tighten and flatten. Then, make a loop with one end of the wire. This is where your jump ring will attach to the necklace. Finally, snip the folded end of the paracord and melt it, like you did with the other side.

Ta-da! The finished product. DIY or buy!